Jay Electronica – “Road To Perdition”

The always-elusive underground rap star Jay Electronica may never get around to releasing an album, but that means it feels like an event every time a new song shows up online. When last we heard from him, he was sharing a stage at the BET Awards with Common, Vince Staples, and Mike Brown’s parents. And now, Jay Elec is back with a new song called “Road To Perdition,” which has dense verses, a tremendous drum lope, and a sample of Jay Elec’s patron and sometime rapping partner Jay Z. The release apparently wasn’t planned. On Twitter, Jay Elec says, “Oh well, since it leaked… here’s a better quality version.” Listen to it below.

My whiteboys say that shit you spit last year, bro, was like a real fine merlot and a cashmere throw.