Rocko – “Lil Girl Shit” (Feat. Young Thug)

Young Thug and Rocko represent different sides of the Atlanta rap coin. Thug is a bugged-out fabulist, an alien creature sent to earth with a mission to make himself look and sound as glammed-out as possible. Rocko, meanwhile, is a hardheaded literalist, the type who, when he feels like proving how smart he is, makes a song where he just lists the names of poets. (I’m not kidding. He did this once.) But both of them make good songs because pretty much every Atlanta rapper makes good songs. They’ve just gotten together for “Lil Girl Shit,” a song where they both complain about girls who they date doing petty things. It’s good. Listen to it below.

(via FADER)

Rocko is probably working on a new mixtape. He’s always working on a new mixtape.

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