Ad-Rock Gives An Update On Beastie Boys’ “Weird” Memoir, No Longer Expected This Year

Back in 2013, we learned that Ad-Rock and Mike D, the two surviving Beastie Boys, were working on a memoir together. They had signed on with Random House subsidiary Spiegel & Grau to write a book that would be “loosely structured as an oral history,” and they were planning to publish it in fall 2015. That sounds great! But they’re nowhere near done.

Talking to Rolling Stone, Ad-Rock says that the duo are taking their time with it, and they don’t expect it to be ready until two years from now, at the earliest:

There’s no way it’s going to happen [before 2017]. I might get sued by saying this, but I’m just being realistic. I write a bunch of stuff and I send it to Mike, and Mike writes a bunch of stuff and he sends it to me. We just comment and have arguments on what we wrote. It’s more difficult to remember than it is emotionally. It’s fun. I’m remembering the fun things; not the depressing things. It’s going to be a weird book. [Publisher Spiegel & Grau] are giving us the freedom and leeway to do whatever we want.”

For those of us who spent the ’90s wondering when this month’s Grand Royal was going to come out, this is a familiar sensation.