Innocent Southwest Air Passengers Subjected To Flash Lifehouse Concert

Air travel is unpleasant enough as it is. When you add MOR rockers Lifehouse, the band behind the 2000 hit “Hanging By A Moment,” to the mix, things must get near-unbearable. And when air travel involves Lifehouse singing their new single at unsuspecting passengers, you’d better hope your parachute situation is good to go. On a recent Southwest flight from L.A. to Denver, passengers got to deal with just that: An unannounced show from a band that, if you remember them at all, is not who you might pick to bleat at you while you’re trying to forget that you’re in a tin can flying through the air. Lifehouse played on this flight yesterday as part of Live At 35, a Southwest promotional deal that involves surprise in-flight performances from bands like Plain White T’s, Better Than Ezra, and Five For Fighting. Fortunately for us, the writer Jonah Keri was on the flight, and he livetweeted his experience:

(via Reverb)

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