NYPD Edited Chumbawamba’s Wikipedia Page To Add 3 Cops To The Band’s Lineup

Earlier today, news broke that IP addresses associated with the New York Police Department have been editing Wikipedia pages for a number of notable police brutality cases — including those of Eric Garner, Amadou Diallo, and Sean Bell — in order to paint them in a better light. That’s disgusting, but unfortunately not surprising. In slightly less nefarious circumstances, it was also revealed that the same computers were used to change the lineup of the British band of Chumbawamba to include the names Danny Levine, Paul Law, and Mark Kraljevic, who Rolling Stone point out are all members of the NYPD. Someone at the police department also edited the page of Rush singer Geddy Lee to fix the correct manufacturing year of his Fender Jazz bass. Our police force, hard at work!

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