Livestream PC Music’s Dog Food Event At SXSW

PC Music are sure to be one of the most talked about parts of SXSW, and they’re kicking everything off tonight with a special performance in Austin for Boiler Room and DailyMotion. GFOTY and Spinee are the main draws, celebrating the release of their recent Dog Food Mix. The show is described as “the launch event of their own dog food where their grimey grub for hounds will be manufactured, tasted and trialled alongside music from their favorite PC Music DJs,” so expect lots of gelatinous dog imagery in the same vein as Spinee’s video from last week. The show will also feature sets from QT, A. G. Cook, Finn Diesel, and Maxo. It kicks off around 10PM EST and runs til 3AM, and you can watch the whole thing live below.

Here’s the approximate set times (all EST):
10PM – Spinee
10:45PM – Finn Diesel
11:30PM – Maxo
12:15AM – A. G. Cook
1:00AM – QT
1:45AM – GFOTY