Flatbush Zombies – “Redeye To Paris” (Feat. Skepta)

Our last Week In Rap column focused on the London grime MC Skepta, who’s riding high on a couple of big hits in his homeland and who’s been spending time in the studio lately with Kanye West. If and when that Kanye collab arrives, it won’t be the first time Skepta has put in work with U.S.-based artists. He’s made songs with Blood Orange and Ratking’s Wiki, and now he’s on the new single from the pill-gobbling Brooklyn rap duo Flatbush Zombies. “Redeye To Paris” is the sort of hazy, rah-rah boom-bap that the Zombies specialize in, but when Skepta shows up at the end, he adjusts his hammering flow to the track effortlessly. Listen to it below.

(via Miss Info)

Flatbush Zombies have a new album called It’s All A Matter Of Persepective coming soon.