Download Tinashe Amethyst

Following up her excellent debut, Aquarius, Tinashe released a new mixtape today called Amethyst. The seven-track tape features production from internet beat genius Ryan Hemsworth and the Bay Area’s rising star Iamsu!, among others. Amethyst floats through the same lush, moody atmosphere that Aquarius established, even if it doesn’t float quite as high. Of course, amethyst is the birthstone of the Aquarius sign. Tinashe picks up right where she left off, alternating between airy vocals and sing-talk rapping to call out bogus dudes and daydream about forever. There’s no “2 On” here — probably because there’s no Mustard on any of these beats — but it’s a worthy follow-up from one of R&B’s most promising new artists. Stream Amethyst below or download it here.