Garden City Movement – “When We Had It Easy” (Stereogum Premiere)

Tel Aviv electronic trio Garden City Movement like to namecheck urban views in their music. Last year’s “Terracotta” and “Pont Des Arts” referenced a design style and a Parisian bridge, respectively, while last month’s “Recollections” was a bit more abstract. Their latest single, “When We Had It Easy,” included on the new Modern West EP due out next month, feels even farther from metropolitan angles and inches closer to hazy, pollution-glow beach sunsets instead. Its jittery sparseness reminds me of Dead Horse Bay here in New York, a deserted shore where chunks of broken glass bottles jingle like wind chimes whenever a tide sweeps in. There’s a longing here, both at the beach and in the song, which pushes through the blurry-eyed milieu of pretty keyboard noise and lands with a thud. Listen below.

The Modern West EP is out 4/6 via The Vinyl Factory/BLDG 5 Records.