Vince Neil Is Suing His Social Media Manager To Regain Access To His Facebook

Review Journal reports that Mötley Crüe singer Vince Neil is suing an Oregon woman so that he can get the password to his own Facebook page. In Clark County District Court, an attorney for Neil has filed suit against one Kristy Sinsara, who has been working as Neil’s social-media manager. She’s allegedly been making unauthorized posts and won’t give Neil the password to his own Facebook.

Sinsara approached Neil in Nevada and told him she could handle all his social media stuff. He agreed to give her administrative control and retained ownership of them himself. But as soon as Sinsara got the login information, she changed the passwords and email contacts. Sinsara claims that she’s got some sort of dispute with Neil’s girlfriend Rain Hannah. She says she’s actually given the password to Neil’s tour manager, former Slaughter bassist Dana Strum, but she’s refused to give it to Hannah “out of concern for Neil.”

According to Neil’s lawyers, Sinsara is about to publish a self-help book, and she’s using Neil’s Facebook account to promote it. Here’s an email she allegedly sent to them in December:

Here’s the deal. I have a book coming out in a week. I’m going to pay myself for all of my hard work by using Vince’s account to promote it and then I am walking away from all of this. So in two weeks, I will give you everything (all access)-and should have the FB passwords by then, and you can take me off of it ALL! It’s ALL YOURS.

And here’s one she wrote last month:

I just posted on Vince’s Facebook page that I will no longer be working with him as of March 1st, and gave myself a final shout out (as payment) for the last 1.5 years of building his image on social media. As of then the security lock down will be done and I’ll change the email and password to whatever you’d like.

Sinsara apparently still maintains control of the account. I think we’ve all learned a couple of valuable lessons here. First, we’ve learned not to give our social media passwords to anyone, for any reason. Second, we’ve learned what former Slaughter bassist Dana Strum is up to these days.