Florence + The Machine – “St. Jude” Video

Florence + The Machine – “St. Jude” Video

Florence + The Machine’s third album How Big How Bold How Beautiful is out in June, and Florence Welch has already made operatic videos for the title track and “What Kind Of Man.” She’s now got another one for the new song “St. Jude,” one of the new tracks she played live in London earlier this month. Compared to a lot of Welch’s songs, “St. Jude” is relatively restrained; there’s no booming choir that comes storming in on the chorus. But Welch could sing “Do Your Ears Hang Low?” and make it sound like a world-consuming epic, and “St. Jude” will still make you feel like you can bench-press a Ford Fiesta if you hear it in the right mood. Longtime collaborator Vincent Haycock directed the video, which is structured as a single shot and which follows Welch through rain and sunset and romantic encounters before she falls down in worshipful awe before a flock of birds. It is dramatic. Watch it below.

How Big How Blue How Beautiful is out 6/2 on Republic.

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