Be Your Own Pet Bow Out In London

Before Be Your Own Pet made a video for the banned-in-the-USA tune “Becky,” we told you the Tennessee punks were calling it quits after their UK tour. It’s now after their UK tour. They are no longer. While drying your tears, you can watch footage of Jemina & Co. giving it their all this past Tuesday (8/26) at Dingwalls in London. The guys take off their shirts. The audience comes on stage. Jemina does that Karen O hand on the hip thing a lot. A good time was had. Any guesses what they played last?

“Bicycle, Bicycle”

“Heart Throb”

And the swan song, because they are:

“Super Soaked”

The person who shot “Super Soaked” notes at YouTube: “I tried to film the action best I could as the entire audence (sic) rushed the stage, unfortunatly (sic) a stage hand kept me back.” At least they didn’t kick his ass.