Action Bronson – “Baby Blue” (Feat. Chance The Rapper) Video

Action Bronson released his stupidly fun major-label debut Mr. Wonderful today, and his video for the lilting Mark Ronson-produced Chance The Rapper collab “Baby Blue” is part of today’s YouTube Music Awards festivities. The concept behind this one is simple enough: Bronson plays every character that Eddie Murphy played in the 1988 cinematic classic Coming to America. Meanwhile, Bronson’s loudmouth buddy Big Body Bes plays Arsenio Hall, and some bodybuilder lady plays Shari Headley. Chance The Rapper doesn’t play James Earl Jones, which seems like maybe a tiny bit of a missed opportunity. He pretty much just plays Chance The Rapper. He’s good at that, though. Lil Chris directs. The video marks a high achievement in dirtbag chic, and you should really watch it below.

Mr. Wonderful is out now on Vice/Atlantic. Stream it here.