Stream Follakzoid III

Although the title might deceptively imply that this is Follakzoid’s third album, III is actually the follow-up to their 2013 debut II. We’ve previously heard “Electric” from the album, but now the entire four-song release is available to stream. The Chilean psych rock group, composed of Diego Lorca, Juan Pablo Rodriguez, and Domingo Garcia-Huidobro, make music inspired by and akin to the ancient traditions of the South America’s Andes Mountains. Using their heritage as a focal point, the trio loops and fuzzes monochords and atonalities to form droning meditations that shift gears over the course of their ten-minute-plus spans. The group formed during childhood from a self-proclaimed “trance experience,” and these spiritual and emotional bonds come through in the reverie of their experimental psych. Interestingly enough, they even compare the mathematical nature of their music to techno, though it sounds nothing like the traditional concept we have of that as a genre:

We work in a very similar structure to mantric songs or techno, we share a metric language there that coordinates the musical language. There are many layers in our music, most of them unknown even to us.

Excavate III below for yourself. It’s well worth the digging.

III is out 3/31 via Sacred Bones.

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