Calvin Love – “Daydream” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

That smirky gentleman staring into your soul up there is Calvin Love, a veteran of the same Edmonton scene that birthed other oddball indie rockers like Mac DeMarco and Alex Calder. On 2012’s New Radar, Love borrowed some inspiration and a few neon-colored synths from ’80s new wave, but on his newly announced album Super Future, he ironically delves even further into the past. First single “Daydream” is pretty much exactly what its title promises, a gently loping slice of psychedelia with spiderwebbed guitars and Love’s easy croon presiding over all. There’s a delay effect on his vocals that seems somewhat telling — everything in the world of Love’s skewed pop is just a little bit off, a little bit left-of-center. The new video for “Daydream,” directed by Laura-Lynn Petrick, matches the song’s warmly nostalgic sensibility with grainy film-stock footage of Love hanging around Toronto. When he meets a woman in a café about halfway through, the video blooms from black and white into soft-focus technicolor, with shots of wintry cityscapes melting into vibrant greenery and flowers. Calvin Love seems ready for spring, and I am too. Watch the video and check out the album’s full tracklist below.

01 “Girl”
02 “The Rush”
03 “Automaton”
04 “I Wanna Know”
05 “Calls From Jupiter”
06 “Luna”
07 “Daydream”
08 “Down The Well”
09 “Creepin”
10 “You & I”

Super Future is out 6/16 on Arts & Crafts. Preorder it here.