Torche – “Annihilation Affair” Video

Torche’s latest album, Restarter, is a chugging beast. It’s “darker, heavier, and moodier” than a lot of their previous work, as bassist Jonathan Nuñez told us last month. And as the album’s leadoff track, “Annihilation Affair” begins the entire experience in a cloud of dust gargantuan enough to soundtrack a post-apocalyptic hellscape. That’s exactly what unfolds in the song’s animated video, directed by Phil Mucci. As charred human remains pile up and crucifixions litter the broken streets, a gaggle of robotic overlords bash each other’s heads in pursuit of — what else? — a beautiful woman. As bleak as the subject matter might be, the cinematography and illustrations are vivid and arresting, like the music itself. Watch below.

(via Loudwire)

Restarter is out now on Relapse.