Roots Manuva – “Facety 2:11″ (Prod. Four Tet)

Back in the days before grime, Roots Manuva seemed like the great hope for UK rap. His heavy, craggy voice could’ve only come from a man who has seen some things, and his 2001 album Run Come Save Me seemed like a logical rap response to Massive Attack’s Mezzanine. He’s just returned with a new single called “Facety 2:11,” and it’s got madly hiccuping Four Tet production that sounds like something the Anticon crew might’ve come up with 15 years ago. Listen to it below.

(via FADER)

Of the new track, Roots Manuva says, “The saga goes from tangent to tangent here in the primal decibel of infinite tribal dub-wise mutation show me your skank face, let’s get feisty.” Took the words right out of my mouth.