Chief Keef Fans Love To Record Themselves Turning Up To “Faneto”

Chief Keef Fans Love To Record Themselves Turning Up To “Faneto”

Chief Keef’s biggest hit is undoubtedly “I Don’t Like,” the song that went viral, got a star-studded Kanye West remix, and made Keef a hip-hop household name. But Chicago street blog Kollege Kid (via The Fader) argues that “Faneto,” which first appeared on Keef’s October 2014 mixtape Back From The Dead 2 and is earmarked for his upcoming album Bang 3, has now surpassed “I Don’t Like.” That sounds crazy to me, but they offer some compelling evidence: a 62-minute compilation called Chief Keef Faneto: The Movie that’s nothing but a montage of fans (starting with A$AP Rocky, pictured) turning up to “Faneto.” Mostly selfies. Watch below.

If we’re saying “Faneto” is more popular than Keef’s original “I Don’t Like,” then maybe. Given that every rapper on Kanye’s remix performs “I Don’t Like” in concert and thousands upon thousands of people go wild, I still give the edge to “I Don’t Like.” But Kollege Kid’s point stands: “Faneto” is another humongous hit, something many of us wondered whether Keef would be able to pull off. I look forward to the Chicago all-stars remix with Chance The Rapper, King L, Lil Bibby, and Lil Herb. In the meantime, here’s the original “Faneto” and Lil Durk’s brand new version.

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