Robert Plant And Diplo Are Collaborating

Hide your daughters! Robert Plant has been an upstanding music-industry figure in recent years, working with Allison Krauss and racking up Grammys. But once upon a time, he was one of rock’s most legendarily hedonistic figures. And maybe we’ll get some of that version of Plant sometime soon, since the man is apparently working with Diplo. Over the weekend, Diplo posted an Instagram of himself a Plant together, promising simply “collab coming soon.” (Maybe he’s joking? I’m guessing he’s not joking.) There are always reasons to be cynical when aging stars plug into the Diplo machine and try to score that EDM gold. But Plant, at the very least, isn’t doing it for the money. Anytime that guy wants, he can reunite with the rest of Led Zeppelin and make more money than God. So he probably just wants to find out how his voice sounds when bass-bombs are erupting all around him. Can’t lie; I’m curious, too.