Inheaven – “Regeneration” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Regeneration” is the first thing we’ve heard from the South East London band Inheaven, and the song itself contains just about all we know about them. It’s a toss-up between delicately-spun female vocals, brash, zealous guitar noise and a half-shout of a chorus that wails against aging, generations (saw that one coming, right?) and friendships. There’s plenty of angst but no real animosity. Today we’re premiering the video for the track, and it’s a post-modern blur of newspaper headlines, handwritten notes, faded landscapes and head-banging teens — who may or may not be Inheaven members as they’ve chosen to go the anonymous route for now. “Regeneration” watches like a home video run through a time machine that’s set to pull up every scene of rebellion and aggression from the last half a century. Watch it below.

“Regeneration” is out 5/5 via B3SCI/AMF records.

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