Stream Godmode’s American Music Compilation

Stream Godmode’s American Music Compilation

The now-defunct New York postpunk trio Mr. Dream founded the label Godmode a few years ago, and back then, it was a cassette label that focused on noise and postpunk. Last year, though, the label signaled a change of direction with the compilation Common Interests Were Not Enough To Keep Us Together. That comp widened the label’s focus, embracing slinky house and disco. And it introduced the world to Shamir Bailey, now a star on the rise. Today, Godmode drops a new cassette comp, and it very much follows in the footsteps of that last one. American Music is a collection of smooth, impactful, high-stepping, retro-leaning dance-pop, albeit one that takes breaks for the occasional lurching noise-burst. Even though it’s a cassette release, it’s recorded way more beautifully than most major-label things I hear. (Full disclosure: label boss Nick Sylvester is a good friend, but come on, you’ve heard Shamir. You know I’m not just bigging this guy up because I know him.) We’ve posted the videos for a couple of tracks from the comp, Fitness’ “You Go Where I Put You” and Courtship Ritual’s “Ancient Drip.” The album also features people like YVETTE, Excepter, Fasano, and Montreal Sex Machine, as well as a Shamir remix. Listen to the whole thing below.

American Music is out now on Godmode; you can buy it here.

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