Future – “March Madness” Video

In case you had any doubts that Future might stop releasing mixtapes and music videos at the Gucci Mane-like rate he’s been on lately, have no fear! He’s back again with a video for “March Madness,” one of the songs off his new mixtape 56 Nights. Notable moments in this video: he wears a black cowboy hat, he alludes to the recent focus on police violence against African-American men, and even goes so far as to include footage of historical protests in the video. This is something of a new direction for the Atlanta rapper, who raps more consistently about dirty Sprite and styrofoam cups than perhaps anyone else in the game. Despite the clips of protestors, the majority of the video is just Future dancing all alone — which, avid readers might remember, is something I previously requested. Coincidence? Perhaps. The video was directed Vincent Lou Film. Watch it below.

Tags: Future