FFS (Franz Ferdinand & Sparks) – “Piss Off”

FFS (Franz Ferdinand & Sparks) – “Piss Off”

Last month, we learned that all four members of Franz Ferdinand had teamed up with Sparks, the culty, idiosyncratic ’70s group who served as an inspiration to them, to form a new band called FFS. Together, the six members of the supergroup have recorded a self-titled debut album that’ll be out later this spring. They recorded it in England, with indie rock sonics master John Congleton producing. There’s a song on the album called “Collaborations Don’t Work,” which is pretty funny. “Piss Off,” the song that ends the album, is a nervous and wiry but ornate pop song, bursting with off-kilter harmonies and melodic ideas. These guys seem to be having a blast playing together. Below, listen to “Piss Off” and check out the album’s tracklist.

01 “Johnny Delusional”
02 “Call Girl”
03 “Dictator’s Son”
04 “Little Guy From The Suburbs”
05 “Police Encounters”
06 “Save Me From Myself”
07 “So Desu Ne”
08 “The Man Without A Tan”
09 “Things I Won’t Get”
10 “The Power Couple”
11 “Collaborations Don’t Work”
12 “Piss Off”

FFS is out 6/8 on Domino.

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