Watch Van Halen & David Lee Roth Bust Out “Hot For Teacher” & “Eruption” On Kimmel

Watch Van Halen & David Lee Roth Bust Out “Hot For Teacher” & “Eruption” On Kimmel

Two nights ago, for the first time in decades, Van Halen played songs on TV with David Lee Roth singing for them. Jimmy Kimmel Live shut down Hollywood Boulevard so the band could play in all their appropriately tacky neon glamor. And last night, they did it again. For the second night in a row, the band played a few of their classics on that stage. And while David Lee Roth is barely even a musician anymore, his gristly middle-aged presence makes him seem even more like the beach-bum scumbag he always portrayed on record. To watch him madly chewing gum and freestyling anecdotes about the band’s club days mid-song is to behold a man who truly does not give a fuck about anything. On last night’s show, the band played their horndog masterpiece “Hot For Teacher” and their cover of the Kinks’ “You Really Got Me,” a song that I thought was a Van Halen song for at least a few of my childhood years. In between, Eddie Van Halen busted out “Eruption,” his absurdly virtuosic wheedly-guitar instrumental, and that was something to behold. check out the performances below.

Van Halen’s new collection Tokyo Dome In Concert is out now on Rhino.

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