Sharpless – “Franz Kafka” (Home Movies Cover)

We’ve been covering Father/Daughter Records’ ascent to indie greatness actively for a while now, but none of the label’s projects have been as humorous and marketable as their Faux Real compilations. The second volume consists of 10 covers of film and television series songs performed by notable break-out bands. We premiered LVL Up’s so-good-it-might-as-well-go-on-their-next-record rendition of Robbie Hart’s “Somebody Kill Me Please” from The Wedding Singer and posted “Krilly” Madison’s take on the “Billy Madison Victory Song.” Now, Sharpless are sharing their contribution: an epic re-working of “Franz Kafka” from Adult Swim’s Home Movies series. It’s essentially Franz Kafka’s biography relayed as a rock opera, with special emphasis place on his seminal novella The Metamorphosis. “Livin’ like a bug ain’t easy.” Listen below.

Faux Real: Volume II is out 4/28 via Father/Daughter.