D.R.A.M. – “Excessive”

Your mid-week slump is over — D.R.A.M. is back with more music. After the exuberant, smile-inducing video for “Cha Cha” turned the whole internet into a pile of confetti, the Virginia rapper has dropped “Excessive.” It’s a completely new song that’s not on his #1Epic EP, but fans of the EP and his earlier #1 Epic Summer mixtape will recognize his tendency to linger over beats that feel better suited to after hours than party mode. “Excessive” finds D.R.A.M. leveling his gaze at the lifestyle that is almost within his grasp, brazenly running through a list of dreams and demands that covers everything from cars and cribs to soulful connections and sex on the floor. It’s a further testament to the way D.R.A.M. translates his passionate, tempestuous moods into song. He flips between singing and rapping like it’s as easy as snapping his fingers, maneuvering over Sango and The Sevenths’ bass-heavy, diamond sharp production like he’s skating on thin ice — but he never falls through. Listen below.

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