Obits Break Up

Since 2009, the Drive Like Jehu and Hot Snakes co-frontman Rick Froberg has led the Brooklyn-based band Obits. They’ve released three underrated albums of authoritative, asskicking guitar-rock. And now, it seems like that’ll be it. As Pitchfork points out, the band made the announcement on their Instagram yesterday. First, they wrote, “This bar is closed! We’ve succumbed, we’ve surrendered, we’re visiting Davy Jones’ Locker. Thanks for the grand time. Seriously. It was a gas.” And then: “In case the jokey-seeming dispatch on All Fools’ Day was confusing: OBITS IS DONE. We were lucky to have a good run. Thank you. Sincerely. And, not to worry, we’ll continue to post relevant garbage & photos of Sohrab’s cat.” It’s never fun to see a good band call it a day, but this does say potentially good things about the ongoing Drive Like Jehu reunion.

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