Meet Pharrell & Jimmy Fallon’s Fake ’80s Duo Afro & Deziak

Sometimes it seems like Jimmy Fallon is secretly gunning for a career in music. Between his killer Neil Young impression and all his experience with various other fake collabs, he’d probably be pretty good at it. But then of course, we’d be robbed of his incredible punning power. The latest comes courtesy of Pharrell’s appearance on his show as half of his fake R&B duo “Afro & Deziak.” Truly, this is one of the best puns of our time! It combines sex and hair into one spectacular name that actually sounds like it could’ve been a group in the ’80s. The two don sparkly, ill-fitting bathrobes, and though Pharrell’s singing is as flawless as always, it’s Fallon’s punchlines that make this so fun to watch. Plus, instead of singing about romantic stuff they cover all the annoying shit that crummy dudes might ask women to do for them. It’s almost misandrist, but it’s certainly cathartic. Now all that’s left is choosing a favorite between “Girl Can I Get You In The Mood,” “Girl I Wanna Give You What I Got,” and “Girl.” It’s a tough call.