Watch Beck Play A Very Strange Late Late Show

Watch Beck Play A Very Strange Late Late Show

The Late Late Show on CBS has a new host, the British comedian James Corden, and it’s in that intriguing phase where the show is willing to just do whatever to get people talking. Case in point: Last night, the show aired an episode that it taped at a local stranger’s house, apparently after knocking on random people’s doors near the studio. The musical guest on the show was Beck, and he performed “Country Down” from last year’s fight-starting Grammy winner Morning Phase. Tommy, the person whose house the show invaded, is apparently a huge Beck fan, and he was pretty dumbstruck with the whole thing. And during the show, Beck participated in a game of hide-and-seek with Corden, bandleader Reggie Watts, and fellow guest Jeff Goldblum. It was weird! And possibly very staged! Watch it all unfold below.

Morning Phase is out now on Capitol. Corden sure giggles a lot.

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