Watch Kendrick Lamar’s New Reebok Commercial

Watch Kendrick Lamar’s New Reebok Commercial

When you’ve just made an album that many people consider to be a modern classic of protest art, it seems pretty weird to make a commercial that conflates sneaker ownership with revolution. But that’s what Kendrick Lamar has just done. Kendrick has been aligned with sneaker giant Reebok for a little while. He starred in an ad for them last year and performed on one of their flatbed trucks a few weeks ago. And now he’s the star of an ad for Reebok’s new Ventilator Day Glo shoes. The commercial is full of protest-movement signifiers, but it’s totally and absolutely about shoes. Check it out below.

To Pimp A Butterfly is out now on TDE/Interscope, and it’s not like this ad is going to do anything to dim its importance.

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