Stream Cold Mailman Everything Aflutter (Stereogum Premiere)

Oslo-based quintet Cold Mailman made waves a couple years ago for their powerful brand of synthpop and the magnificent surrealist video treatments of their songs “Time Is Of The Essence” and “My Recurring Dream“, the latter of which we named one of the best videos of 2013. Their excellent fourth full-length, Everything Aflutter, is out this Friday, but you can stream it here in its entirety.

The nine-song LP expands on the group’s sweetly sculpted arrangements with more vibrant instrumentation and a conceptual thread running through it. For this album, primary songwriter and vocalist Ivar Bowitz was inspired by a mixtape he and brother/bassist/producer Martin listened to as kids on long road trips. The idea of transience and travel is front-and-center in the video for “Moments,” and the synth textures of yore glitter all over the song. Other tracks like the Nirvana-inflected “Surrounded By Skin” and TV-show theme song chorus on “Something You Do” demonstrate the versatility of Bowitz’ clever songwriting. The futuristic latin groove on “Restraint” is one of the album’s adventurous high points, and evidence of how well Cold Mailman does when stretching out in any direction. The album’s bombastic 10-minute closer “The Ship” seals the envelope just as it opens: epically.

Stream Everything Aflutter in full below.

Everything Aflutter is out 4/10 on Beyond Music.

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