Cold Cave – “Nausea, The Earth And Me”

Cold Cave, hardcore veteran Wes Eisold’s seething synth project, hasn’t released a studio album since 2011’s great Cherish The Light Years, and that doesn’t appear likely to change. In a couple of months, though, Cold Cave will release Full Cold Moon, a collection of EPs that Eisold released, in limited quantities, back in 2013. The pounding and fearsome “Nausea, The Earth And Me” comes from one of those EPs — a CD-only release also called Nausea, The Earth And Me. But unlike many of the tracks that will appear on Full Cold Moon, we haven’t posted it until now. Music this heavy and low-tech doesn’t exactly age, so the song still sounds plenty fresh and evil, and you can hear it below.

(via Vice)

Full Cold Moon is out 6/16 on Deathwish, Inc.

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