Oddisee – “CounterClockwise” Video

“Counter-Clockwise” is the second song off Washington D.C. rapper Oddisee’s new album The Good Fight. It follows up the funky, celebratory “That’s Love” with circular, intense musings undercut by breathy blares of old-school vocal samples. Oddisee said the track is about “being there for people & them working against you as a result. Becoming the bearer of their problems because they know you can handle it.” Interestingly enough, director Brandon Black and cinematographer Zack Schamberg actually shot Oddisee walking around backwards in different New York neighborhoods. It’s all black and white, but Black also shot the night footage in low light, then boosted it so the evening film seemed like daylight. It’s a video full of dizzying effects and disoriented rapping that comes together in one cohesive, jazzy whole. Watch it below.

(via Billboard)

The Good Fight is out 5/5 via Mello Music Group. Pre-order it here.