Watch Tinashe Dance Hard In Her Conan Performance

Watch Tinashe Dance Hard In Her Conan Performance

Aquarius, the great major-label debut that Tinashe released last year, was almost entirely droning, spaced-out, fugue-state R&B. There were two big exceptions: The club hit “2 On” and the club-hit-in-waiting “All Hands On Deck,” which is just now becoming a single. Yesterday, Tinashe dropped the steamy shipyard video, which is the most Empire-esque real thing that I’ve seen in years. And last night, she was the musical guest on Conan, doing such a choreography-heavy version of the song that it was practically as athletic as it was musical. Still: Good song, and you must respect her ability to dance like that and still have enough breath to sing. Watch the performance below.

Aquarius is out now on RCA.

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