Raekwon – “1,2 1,2″ (Feat. Snoop Dogg)

A Raekwon/Snoop Dogg collab is the sort of thing that would’ve set the world on fire in 1995, and as it turns out, it still sounds pretty goddam good today. Rae’s long-in-the-works new album Fly International Luxurious Art is finally set to come out later this month, and we’ve already heard him team up with fellow New York vets Busta Rhymes and N.O.R.E. on “Wall To Wall.” And on the new single “1,2 1,2,” both Rae and Snoop attack a high-stepping Scoop DeVille beat with more verve than these guys really need to show at this stage in their lives. It won’t make you forget Doggystyle or Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, but it won’t leave an embarrassing stain on either guy’s legacy, either. Listen to it below.

Fly International Luxurious Art is out 4/28.