Danny Clinch Kickstarting Blind Melon Documentary Featuring Shannon Hoon’s Home Videos

It’s been 20 years since Shannon Hoon, the original lead singer of Blind Melon, died of an overdose. Until his death, he had been documenting his band’s rise to fame with a video camera, which Danny Clinch has spent the past five years molding into a feature-length documentary. Clinch and his co-director Colleen Hennessy have launched a Kickstarter primarily to gather money to fund the use of archival footage in the film and to get legal clearance for the music. “The film Hoon made — the film that we get to complete with him — is incredibly powerful, creative and artistic, and we’re intent on honoring the vision he had for what he was making through this collaboration,” the directors wrote in their Kickstarter campaign. “This film will be primarily through Hoon’s eyes until his death, after which we see the impact of his life, his lyrics, and his music on the world.” Watch the documentary’s campaign video below, which features some of the unreleased footage that the film will be utilize.

[Photo by Danny Clinch.]