Watch Bleachers Cover Kanye West’s “Only One” In Detroit

Watch Bleachers Cover Kanye West’s “Only One” In Detroit

Last night during a livestreamed concert from Boston’s House Of Blues, Bleachers covered Kanye West’s “Only One.” An archive of that performance has yet to emerge, but it turns out Jack Antonoff’s band has been covering “Only One” at other dates on this tour, and at least one fan at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit captured Antonoff’s sax-laden rendition of the ballad. Watch below.

I am a big fan of Antonoff as well as Nick Jonas and Drake, both of whom previously covered “Only One,” but isn’t it basically an uncoverable song? The lyrics are way more personal and specific than most original songs; it’s just bizarre to hear someone else sing lyrics Kanye supposedly channeled from his late mother from beyond the grave. I can see why so many artists want to take a crack at “Only One,” though — it’s a fantastic song.

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