Pick A Piper – “Once Were Leaves (Caribou Remix)”

Caribou drummer Brad Weber is also the lynch pin in another musical project called Pick A Piper, which includes a revolving cast of collaborators — Angus Fraser, Dan Roberts, and Clint Scrivene to name a few. For those unfamiliar with the Toronto group, here is their mission statement of sorts:

Combines dance-music structures, polyrhythmic percussion, atmospheric sound design, loopy melodies and a focus on electronics and production technique to create a sound poised between the organic and the synthetic.

Pick A Piper’s last, self-titled album came out in 2013, and this year they enlisted a host of outside musicians to remix the entire LP. Today we get to hear Dan Snaith’s own contribution to the project, a re-working of “Once Were Leaves.” The song featured Raphaelle Standell (Braids, Blue Hawaii) on vocals for the initial version, which builds itself around percussion. But her voice is the central tenet on Snaith’s remix, and he adds another pitch-shifted, booming vocal track as a foil to her voice’s featheriness. You can listen to Pick A Piper’s original version for context and listen to the remix below.

(via The Untz)

The entire remixed album came out yesterday and is available for stream or purchase here.