Pupppy – “Or Maybe We’re Not”

Will Rutledge has a voice that practically wilts with earnestness. The band that he fronts, Pupppy, will release their debut full-length LP Shit In The Apple Pie toward the end of the month, and “Or Maybe We’re Not” follows-up its debut single “Beans,” which we premiered back in March. Nothing about Rutledge’s cadences emit smarminess or a facade of self-seriousness. Everything he says, he really means, which is what makes “Or Maybe We’re Not” such a devastating song. Rutledge expels a series of depressive situations — “Put on a sad song,” “Let’s drink,” “I wish you the best” — before converting that dejection into cautious advice: “Exhale the regret from your chest.” Listen to “Or Maybe We’re Not” below.

(via Impose)

Shit In The Apple Pie is out 4/21 via Father/Daughter. You can pre-order it here.

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