We Leave At Midnight – “Run To The Ocean” (Stereogum Premiere)

Texas rockers We Leave At Midnight are following up 2012’s self-titled LP with Terror Flora, a new EP coming this spring. Blending elements of psych-rock, blues, and AM pop, first single “Run To The Ocean” manages to pack a twisting chase sequence through several decades of music history into one four-minute song without ever sounding too derivative or predictable. The song’s title and their band name both include references to movement, and that sense of motion, of consistent forward momentum, is crucial to their music. We Leave At Midnight are animated by the same kind of madcap revivalist energy that drives the best of Dr. Dog’s material — which is to say, they’re fun, perhaps an underappreciated quality in indie music. They’re fun to listen to, and they seem like they’re having fun too. Get in on the party and listen below.

The Terror Flora EP is out this spring via Texas Is Funny.