Run Through The 6 With Your Woes In New Drake-Themed Video Game

The only thing better than listening to Drake rap is gleefully diving into the world of Drake ephemera — there’s a lot. The only rapper besides Drake to inhabit a world so stubbornly his own is Kanye, and he’s on some dad shit these days, so Drake is more relatable/cooler to the majority of his fan base. This is why memes, tweets, Tumblrs, and other digital detritus surround any sort of Drake event. One of the most popular of these mini-narratives centers on the line “Runnin through the 6 with my woes” from “Know Yourself” off Drizzy’s surprise mixtape/album If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.

It’s so popular, in fact, that the single line spawned its own iPhone game. Developed by Nico Uribe, the game lets you run through a background of tall buildings, presumably in Toronto, and jump over gaps.

Check out the preview to download it in the iTunes app store:

Oh yeah, I can already tell this is gonna be lit. It’s free, so I downloaded it. Here’s what it looks like when you’re playing the game itself:

Of course the game is littered with the same handwriting that appears on the cover art for If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. Here’s what it looks like when you lose (which I quickly did):

And when the game loads:

Some strategy advice: do try to hit the “6” blocks that are bouncing toward you, but definitely avoid the handicapped signs — they turn you into wheelchair Jimmy and you can’t jump the gaps.

Would it truly be a Drake-related product if there wasn’t some massive level of corny thirst involved? Hence, on the game’s opening page is an unabashed link to an app that helps you “get IG followers.” God bless 2015.

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