Jones – “Indulge” (Stereogum Premiere)

As of this writing, the SoundCloud page for London electro-R&B singer Jones is a sparse place, offering only two jams (impressive and luxurious as they are) to dig into. But it won’t be empty for much longer. Jones is poised to release her debut EP, Indulge, later this month, which is why the title track feels very much like an arrival. Jones is here, her pleading voice pulling and bending across the song’s three opulent minutes. “Indulge” is as palatial as they come, with producer Raffertie adding sleek drama via heavy synths and tight clap-rhythms to help sell the mood. Jones’ words, too, are as lavish as the silken music over which she delivers them: “I know that it’s wrong, but I wanna indulge in you.” We all have our vices; indulging in Jones’ music doesn’t need to be one of them. Listen.

The Indulge EP is out 4/20 on 37 Adventures. The EP also features production by Rodaigh McDonald and A.K. Paul.

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