Stream Speedy Ortiz Foil Deer

Stream Speedy Ortiz Foil Deer

I’ll admit, It took me a little while to warm up to Speedy Ortiz. I liked Major Arcana enough, but it didn’t grab me in the way that it seemed to grab everyone else, but the sheer greatness of Foil Deer forced me to go back and reevaluate. (It’s really good, obviously.) Sadie Dupuis and co. take their knotty, tightly coiled sound to its logical conclusion, and throw in a few surprises along the way. Foil Deer is an ambitious album, one that really comes unwrapped after you’ve spent a little time with it. The sparkling lead singles “Raising The Skate,” “The Graduates,” and “Puffer” only really scratch at the surface of the immense treasure trove of good stuff here — it’s a record where you’ll pick out small individual moments to revel in, granular shifts in sound or clever turns of phrase to latch onto. Right now, for me, I’m in love with the seasick run from “Dot X” through “Swell Content,” probably my favorite four-track run in any album this year. (And “Homnovus” is the frontrunner for my favorite Speedy track, period.) There’s also the pummeling kickers “Mister Difficult” and “Dvrk Wvrld,” and I get chills every time Dupuis sings the rallying cry, “Boys be sensitive and girls be, be aggressive.” It’s a fantastic record, and you can listen to the whole thing over on NPR.

Foil Deer is out 4/21 via Carpark

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