Mikal Cronin – “The Ballad Of El Goodo” (Big Star Cover)

For a band that never “made it” in their day, Big Star’s risen to a level of inimitable fame thanks to more objectively successful acts toting them as pinnacle influences. Alex Chilton is a name in his own right, but for many, Big Star will forever piggy-back on the shoulders of the greats who champion them. The Replacements, Elliott Smith, Afghan Whigs, and about a zillion others cite the early ’70s band as a massive influence, and the list of well-known Big Star covers seems to unravel into infinity. The last one we heard was from Philly-based duo Girlpool, who took on the quiet monster “Thirteen” last year, and just a few days ago Mikal Cronin covered “The Ballad Of El Goodo” live on Monocle radio. Listen to a stream of the live session here, or just watch Cronin perform the classic song in Amsterdam below.

(via Faceculture)