Bill Fay – “A Page Incomplete”

Sometimes on Who Is The Sender? it sounds like British singer-songwriter Bill Fay is a kindhearted soothsayer from the future, sent back to us to administer gentle warnings before some final doomsday hammer comes smashing down. Who sent him? How does he possess such effortless, simple wisdom? These remain mysteries, but his delicately probing piano ballads interrogate the time between our present moment and eternity with quiet insistence, demanding something better from others and ourselves. “A Page Incomplete” urges us to inscribe the future we want on our respective tabula rasa, following in the same vein as previous tracks “Something Else Ahead” and the slightly more specific “War Machine.” On this song, Fay’s papery voice sounds like it’s desperately reaching toward the future, fully aware of the impossibility of that task. “A Page Incomplete” is Fay further exploring his own mortality with the resigned, respectful hope that it’ll spark someone else’s reflection. Listen below.

Who Is The Sender? will be out 4/28 via Dead Oceans.

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