Rose Windows – “Strip Mall Babylon” (Stereogum Premiere)

Seattle sextet Rose Windows make lush, expansive music that’s impossible to classify. Their debut album, The Sun Dogs blends psychedelia, hard rock and folk, as well as African and Middle Eastern music, with Rabia Shaheen Qazi’s timeless voice commanding each epic movement. Sadly, the genre-defying collective formally disbanded last month, citing “the health of the band and the health of each individual member” as deciding factors on their Facebook page. This breakup, however, won’t stop the May release of their self-titled second LP. That’s a good thing because “Strip Mall Babylon” suggests the album is well worth hearing. The song starts deceptively with a slinky groove, before Qazi’s Joplin-esque roar explodes over thick, fuzzy guitars and searing organs. It’s a victorious sign-off for a band with a brief but impressive run. Hear the track below.

Rose Windows is out 5/4 on Sub Pop.

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