Nick Diamonds – “Witch Window” (Stereogum Premiere)

Nick Diamonds – “Witch Window” (Stereogum Premiere)

Aside from fronting the rather iconic Montreal band Unicorns and releasing several albums with his cult-favorite art-pop act Islands, Nick Thorburn is also the man responsible behind the music for the hit podcast Serial. Prolific regardless of the facet he’s operating in, Thorburn has opted to assume his solo name Nick Diamonds for another solo album. City Of Quartz is only his second Nick Diamonds album following 2011’s Bandcamp release I Am An Attic. It will be out in June and we’ve previously heard the gloomy, late night vibes of “The Sting.”

Today we’re premiering another track from the record. The loopy and light “Witch Window” holds none of the ominous presence its title may suggest. Every time I listen to a piece of music Thorburn has made, I’m struck by the weightless innocence they all possess. “These wounds do not reflect my suffering today/ They are a triumph against death and decay,” he sings, maintaining a childlike innocence, a rebellion against the cruel march of time. Even “Witch Window,” a song about something as simple as sneaking out a window, becomes a symbol of greater freedom. Climb through the window below.

City Of Quartz out 6/16 via Manque Music. Pre-order it digitally or on vinyl.

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