Damien Jurado – “On The Land Blues”

Damien Jurado – “On The Land Blues”

Damien Jurado released Brothers And Sisters Of The Eternal Sun last fall, and aside from providing guest vocals on a couple of Moby remixes, we haven’t heard much from the singer-songwriter since. As it turns out, Jurado has been busy writing a soundtrack for the forthcoming independent film Tumbledown, written and directed by Desi Van Til and Sean Mewshaw respectively. The film will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival this Saturday and stars Rebecca Hall and Jason Sudeikis. The plot revolves around the unexpected, sudden death of a young folk musician named Hunter, whose wife (played by Hall) must come to terms with his public legacy while undergoing her own very personal grieving process. Sudeikis plays a prying journalist eager to write Hunter’s definitive biography. Jurado wrote and performed all of the music that Hunter left behind, and “On The Land Blues” is the first track that he’s shared from the soundtrack. Mewshaw explained the context of this particular song to Billboard:

It’s the turning point for Hannah. …Jason Sudeikis comes up, she assumes he’s just another muckraker but then she happens across his notebook where he’s taken these extensive notes on Hunter and his music. So we knew we had this scene where she was reading the notebook and listening to this song at the same time. The songs for Hannah mean so much — it’s all she has left of her husband, that’s what we were interested in exploring. In terms of the music, in another film perhaps with the loss of a loved one the person would have pictures, videos something like that. We thought it was so evocative that this woman would have an album. The haunting that Hunter does is immediate; she can turn it on whenever she wants and have him sing just to her.

Listen to the first haunting Jurado composition below.

(via Billboard)

Tumbledown premieres at Tribeca Film Festival on 4/18.

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