This Is The Best REO Speedwagon Video In 30 Years

Thanks to the dutiful chronicling of the good people at Gawker, if you’re not familiar with the popular practice of saying “fuck her right in the pussy” on live TV, you can read about it there. It’s not even a real meme, (which is probably the best kind of meme?) but since it’s juvenile, distasteful and objectifies women, it’s wildly popular! So, as we all know, if you combine a wildly popular meme with a past his prime rock star, you get TMZ gold.

Here’s Kevin Cronin mildly riffing on the hilariously petty lyrics to “Take It On The Run” when his son decides this is the perfect time to mic drop the TMZ camera man. He utters those simple, six little words and then stalks off, knowing full well that he’s about to become a viral topic. Well played kid, well played. Watch it below.