Pupppy – “Puking (Merry Christmas)”

From what we’ve already heard off Pupppy’s forthcoming Father/Daughter debut, it’s clear that the record narrates a purging. Not just an emotional letting go, but a very literal physical purging; the album’s called Shit In The Apple Pie, after all. There are a lot of references to bodily upsets found throughout Will Rutledge’s lyrics that make his music sound all the more anxious and honest. We’ve already heard “Beans” (which also references puking) and “Or Maybe We’re Not,” both of which are determinate sarcastic downers, but “Puking (Merry Christmas)” is the record’s best single so far based on the title alone. “A sickly yellow sprawled on her face/ In Grand Central, on Christmas Eve/ Running to catch the train, hoping to sleep the whole way.” Rutledge’s genius lies in his storytelling abilities, the way that he transforms the worst possible moments (like commuting home on Christmas Eve) into tales worth recounting. Listen to “Puking (Merry Christmas)” below.

(via VICE)

Shit In The Apple Pie is out 4/21 via Father/Daughter. You can pre-order it here.

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